Organizational Services

We have a great deal of experience assisting people in the throes of decluttering and moving.
We know how very stressful such a transition in life can be. Our team of organizers and stagers makes it much easier for you,
by assisting with decluttering, packing, unpacking and setting it all up in your new space or renewed home.

Residential Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Organizational Services

Less is more, Let´s organize your way of life!

Clutter happens, we are here to help simplify your life. Our professional organizing services offer simple solutions to conveniently organize your way of life.

Maximize closets, pantries, refrigerators and garages with our personalized decluttering and organizational services

Business and Office Organization

There are a countless number of reasons as to why your business should be organized. It helps you save time, money on your taxes and reduces stress just to name a few. Bring in Maid It Shine’s expertise to help eliminate office clutter and help bring your business to the next level.

Home Organization Services

Home organization is our bread and butter. Whether you are just moving in, or need to focus on a few specific rooms, Maid It Shine has just the plan for you. Below is an overview of just some of the rooms we specialize in setting up.

• Kitchens

• Closets

• Bedrooms

• Kids’ Rooms

• Playrooms

• Bathrooms

• Garages

Moving and Unpacking Services

Upgrade your home as soon as you move in. Maid It Shine’s unpacking and moving services help brighten your new home with our organizational touch. This way, you can save the time and stress that comes with moving in and have your home look 100x better than if you did it on your own!

Maid It Shine

Whether your business is a restaurant, clinic, bar, school, church, law firm, strip malls, insurance agency, grocery, bank, car dealership, boutique, warehouse or salon. We can maid it shine like new!

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